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Wednesday 27 January 2016 marks the launch of the NSPCC Campaign for improved access to therapeutic services for abused children and young people.BASPCAN urge everyone to assist with the promotion of this on behalf of the NSPCC.

"Our long term ' It's Time' campaign aims to raise awareness of the barriers abused children face getting help to rebuild their lives and to call for improved provision and access to therapeutic services, such as counselling or play-based therapy, that meet their specific needs.

The It's time campaign is based on a recognition that a significant number of children and young people often fail to receive or even access the help and support that they need to enable them to recover from the abuse and neglect that they have experienced. As a result many may face long term emotional and psychological difficulties.

The NSPCC believes efforts must be made at all levels to address the shortfall in support. To start with we will be calling on governments to lead this change by prioritising abused children within additional funding they have set aside for mental health services. We will be urging them to introduce national guidance around therapeutic services for abused children, and to increase the evidence base around need, provision and ‘what works' in helping this vulnerable group.

We will also be urging local agencies to prioritise support for children who have experienced the trauma of abuse within their budgets and to better understand local demand and current service provision.

The campaign initially aims to rally at least 100,000 members of the public to support its cause. Campaign supporters are being asked to exert pressure on MPs and Ministers, in order to get funding prioritised for this vulnerable group.

As it launches the campaign, the NSPCC hopes that there will be media, professional and public interest in this serious problem and we will be publishing the results of a survey of more than 1,000 professionals - including psychologists, GPs, teachers and social workers. This survey highlights the difficulties that affect children face in accessing therapeutic services. It considered waiting lists, the effects of public spending constraints, and the impact of thresholds for services".

Full details of the campaign are available on our website at:


New virtual issue of Child Abuse Review: Child Sexual Abuse and Children's Rights

In order to mark the inaugural Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness week ‘#itsnotok' (1-7 February 2016), Child Abuse Review has published a special virtual issue of the journal focussing on ‘Child Sexual Abuse and Children's Rights'.
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Compiled by BASPCAN Trustee Jonathan Picken, the virtual brings together a collection of eleven papers published in the journal over the last 24 years. Each paper has helped to stimulate the ongoing debate and shape professional practice in respect of child sexual abuse and children's rights. The articles will be freely available online until 31 March 2016.


 The presentations from the All Wales event can be found at this page

18 March is National CSE Awareness Day. Whilst you are thinking about the best way for your group to partake in this, why not take a look at the NWG Network for Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation website, they have some useful ideas  http://www.nwgnetwork.org/resources/resourcespublic?cat=124

This link explains a little more about the awareness day. 

This is a great chance for us all to do something at the same time, lets make our voices be heard.