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Presentations from Congress will be uploaded in early May.

Please visit the link below to listen to the podcast by David Niven, Media Manager - including Dr John Devaney, BASPCAN Chair and Sue Berelowitz, Deputy Children's Commissioner.

Alternatively visit this link www.socialworkdpodcast .com

Victim Support launches website for young crime victims

BASPCAN has issued the following statement:

"BASPCAN - the Association for professionals working in child protection in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales - note recent comments made by both The Prime Minister, David Cameron, and shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper in respect of legislating in England for a mandatory duty on professionals to report concerns of abuse and neglect, and criminal penalties for certain professionals who do not act on concerns about children's welfare. BASPCAN are concerned that policy is being developed without a full and open discussion with the public, professionals and their representative bodies. While we welcome any policy and practice changes that would improve the support provided to families and the safety of children, such changes must draw upon the international evidence of the likely effect of such a move and a full consideration of any potential negative consequences. The wider public should be reassured that Government statistics already demonstrate a significant increase over the last five years of referrals to children's social care and the police about children in need of support and protection. However, this increase in the need for high quality services has occurred at the same time as a significant decrease in the funding available to front line child protection services in local authorities, the national health service and the police. BASPCAN will be holding a debate on mandatory reporting at our forthcoming Congress in Edinburgh in April 2015 (http://www.baspcan.org.uk/congress2015-debate.php). Such debates are an important and necessary step in deciding whether mandatory reporting can be a useful addition to the current framework for keeping children and young people safe in England and other parts of the United Kingdom, and if so, what form such reporting should take. BASPCAN remain open to working with central Government and other organisations to explore this issue."

BASPCAN response to the Labour Part's Victims TaskForce 

"BASPCAN note the publication of the Report of the Labour Party's Victims Taskforce (http://www.yourbritain.org.uk/uploads/editor/files/Victims_Taskforce_Report.pdf). The Trustees of the Association welcome the focus on victims. BASPCAN would call, as a matter of urgency, for a consensus across political parties on what measures should be taken to best meet victim's needs."

Launched today by Victim Support

In response to widespread concern that children and young people in England and Wales are confused and intimidated by the criminal justice system, the charity Victim Support has today released the first website designed specifically to tackle these issues.

Research for the charity shows that some under 18s may not realise they have been the victim of a crime, do not want to go to the police  and are scared to testify in court . Worryingly, many even see violent crime, such as sexual abuse, mugging and rape, as a normal part of growing up.

The new website www.youandco.org.uk looks at different types of crime, how children and young people can feel after becoming a crime victim and what they can do if they want to get some support - with or without going to the police. Children say their fears about testifying in court are increased by not knowing what to expect . Information about going to court is based on Victim Support's expertise gained from running the country's only specialist service supporting young witnesses as well as from supporting crime victims of all ages.

The You&Co website includes several interactive courtrooms. ‘Hotspots' in each room answer questions a potential witness may have, such as what you can take with you to court, where you would stand in the courtroom and who does what.

It is also possible to change how the court would look if a young person chose to testify from behind a screen, via live link away from the courtroom or if they needed an interpreter or intermediary to support them.  These are known as "special measures".


NOTA and its Research Sub-Committee is pleased to invite applications for Research Project Funding. Detailed guidelines and an application form  can be found at Research Grant Information   

The British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (BASPCAN) welcomes the decision by the Scottish Government to establish a statutory public inquiry to examine historical cases of abuse of children in care in Scotland. Such an inquiry will help to ensure that children in care today will receive a higher standard of care, and it is positive to note that victims of historical abuse will have the opportunity to contribute to the inquiry. In April 2015 BASPCAN will be welcoming national and international delegates to its ninth Congress in Edinburgh when we will be discussing how communities, families and professionals can work together to keep children safe from abuse and neglect no matter where they live or with whom.

See all information here http://news.scotland.gov.uk/News/Inquiry-into-institutional-child-abuse-13b2.aspx

A booklet has been launched which is a collection of stories imagery and artwork by Looked after Children and Care Leavers about their experiences of the Looked after Children's Nurses.  The initial project was presented at the previous BASPCAN Congress in Belfast and has now become the basis of in depth Doctoral research study by Lin Graham- Ray.  Lin hopes to explore themes around engagement and what happens to professional and care dynamics when nurses work in social care. Please click here to view the booklet.

BASPCAN experienced problems with our bankers, Royal Bank of Scotland in September/October 2014.  This problem impacted on our members and customers. RBS have now issued a full apology to BASPCAN and we wish to pass this on to all affected parties:

ROYAL BANK OF SCOTLAND - letter dated 18 November - To Whom It May Concern:

'Due to an administrative error by The Royal Bank of Scotland and through no fault of BASPCAN, the accounts which they hold with the Bank were rendered non-operational between 11 September 2014 and 1 October 2014.

The Bank would like to sincerely apologise for any impact that this error may have caused you and I trust that this will in no way impact your relationship with our mutual customer.'

 A copy of the letter is here.

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