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Issue:  Volume 27 Issue 5, 2018

Editorial: Child Maltreatment: Global, East and West

Featured in this issue:

  • Child maltreatment and substance use disorders in adulthood
  • ADHD and experiences of child maltreatment
  • Public awareness of child abuse in China
  • Parental aggression and child maltreatment
  • Cross-country differences in child protection medical evaluations
  • Preventing radicalisation of vulnerable young people
Special Issue:  Volume 27 Issue 4, 2018

Editorial: Innovations in the Assessment and Treatment of Families with Parental Substance Misuse: Implications for Child Protection

Featured in this issue:

  • English Family Drug and Alcohol Court
  • Fatherhood and substance use treatment
  • Poverty, maternal addiction and family reunification
  • Help-seeking by parents who misuse alcohol

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Recently published:


Original Article: Working Together to Understand Why Infants Die: A Qualitative Study of Professionals’ Experiences of Joint Agency Investigation of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy

Authors: Joanna Garstang and Frances Griffiths

First published online: 22 NOV 2018 | DOI: 10.1002/car.2518

  • Joint agency investigation of unexpected infant deaths enables a detailed understanding of the causes of death and the provision of support to families.
  • Joint home visits by police and paediatricians following unexpected infant deaths provide more detailed information and can be more sensitive to families than police death scene examination alone.
  • Prompt information sharing across all agencies is a key part of effective investigation of unexpected infant deaths.


Original Article: Health Sector Inadequacies in Attending to Child Survivors of Sexual Abuse in Kenya: An Operations Research

Authors: Carolyne Ajema, Chi‐Chi Undie, Charity Mbugua, Jordan Kyongo and Lina Digolo

First published online: 22 NOV 2018 | DOI: 10.1002/car.2533

  • There is a need to develop child‐specific guidelines for healthcare providers in order to ensure that child survivors of sexual violence receive good‐quality services at the facility level.
  • Healthcare providers in public health facilities need competency‐based training to enable them to acquire knowledge and skills to identify and respond to child survivors of sexual violence, collect evidence,
  • communicate with the children and offer counselling support to child survivors effectively.
  • Services for child survivors should be centralised in health facilities to minimise the number of different contact points.


Original Article: Exploring Parent–Child Relationships in Alienated versus Neglected/Emotionally Abused Children using the Bene‐Anthony Family Relations Test

Authors: Nigel Blagg and Eva Godfrey

First published online: 15 NOV 2018 | DOI: 10.1002/car.2537

  • The Bene‐Anthony Family Relations Test is an invaluable clinical tool for exploring children’s feelings about their family relationships.
  • Children’s expressed wishes about their parents are paradoxical in cases of both alienation and neglect/emotional abuse.
  • Assessments of children need to identify their ascertainable rather than expressed wishes. This requires a comprehensive multimodal psychological assessment involving all family members, cross‐referencing information from all sources from a longitudinal perspective.