BASPCAN’s mission is to improve the lives and safety of children by providing research, training and support for those involved in child protection.  We have been driving improvements in child protection for nearly 40 years by working with those in the field to influence policy and practice. . 


Policy will only work to best protect children if the choices made by decision-makers, are informed by the best available evidence from both research and practice.  By combining cutting edge research with bringing the right people together BASPCAN as an organisation can promote increased understanding of the causes, ways of identifying and reducing the incidence of child abuse and neglect, and can seek to influence the policies in place. 


Recent consultations 


Here is our ‘Working together consultation response Working Together consultation response


BASPCAN are proud to offer professionals in the child protection field development opportunities and access to cutting edge research via our journal Child Abuse Review. Child Abuse Review maintains a practice-orientated focus, actively promoting practice-relevant research and facilitating the use of research findings to enhance good practice and influence policy. 


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