BASPCAN are currently reviewing the Research Awards Programme and it is not planned to offer any further awards in the past format.

Here are a list of previous awards with the report download, if available:


Jacqueline Casher, 2006 – A Pilot Study: Kinship Carers and Children Affected by Parental Substance Misuse

Jennifer Harris, 2006 – Dentists’ management of children with neglected dentitions

Patricia Cox, 2006 – Safeguarding Asylum-Seeking and Refugee Children and Young People in Local Communities

Pia Lee-Wilson, 2006 – Child Neglect and the social construction of multi-agency responses

Dr Claudia Bernard, 2007 – An Exploration of the Effects of Childhood Maltreatment on Black Teen Mothers Parenting of Their Children

Dr Fiona Finlay, 2007 – To seek the views of young people and their parents on letters or medical reports received following a child protection medical examination

Dr Helga Sneddon, 2008 – Working with minority ethnic and immigrant communities to safeguard children

Professor Andy Kendrick, 2008 – An evaluation of parents and guardians’ views of the use of Graded Care Profile in Glasgow

Professor Brigid Daniel, 2009 – How is the Concept of Resilience Operationalised in Practice with Vulnerable Children?

Dr Peter Sidebotham, 2009 – Has the rate of violent child deaths in England and Wales fallen between 1974 and 2007? A statistical analysis of mortality data on cause of death

Jason Upton RESPOND and Isabel Clare, 2010 – Child Victims of Domestic Violence: developing a picture-based resource

Rachel Jones and Louise Dixon, 2010 – Outcome of Interventions for Child Victims of Domestic Violence, Determined by Multiagency Scrutiny of police Notifications (£4974)

Anna Gupta and Zee Khan, 2011 – Child protection responses to forced marriage – Click to download final report

Prof Julie Taylor  and Helen Hunter, 2011 – Children who go missing from care; a participatory project with young people as peer interviewers – Click to download

Kay Kelly and Philip Gilligan, 2012 – Turning it around – Listening to what young people say helps them to move on from sexual exploitation – Click to download

Deborah Chegley and Jane Dodsworth, 2012 – Routes into sexual exploitation – going missing, agency and victimhood.  An exploitation of the perceptions of young people involved – Click to download

Dr Catherine White and Rachel Belk, 2013‘Injuries following alleged sexual abuse in children under 8 years‘ – Click to download

Angela Wilson and Karen Wells, 2013 – ‘The experiences of children from overseas living in a private fostering arrangement in England and Wales‘ – Click to download

Elizabeth Ahern and Gary Ridgway, 2014 – ‘Experiences of Child Sexual Abuse Investigations’ (ECSEI) Click to Download

Rosaleen McElvaney and Rhonda Turner, 2014 – ‘What Helps Children Tell? Identifying Factors that Facilitate Early Disclosure of Child Sexual Abuse’ – Click to download