Addressing child sexual abuse and exploitation: Improvements in understanding and practice

Approaches to child sexual abuse (CSA) and particularly child sexual exploitation (CSE) have gone through complex and rapid change in recent years. Demands for better understanding and improved professional practice have occurred against a backdrop of intense media focus, government and public interest.

The guest editors of this special issue invite contributions which:

  • investigate specific practice improvement(s) around CSA and CSE, and/or
  • improve understanding of CSA and CSE, producing new knowledge for professional practice.

This special issue seeks to present a diversity of thought, including across multiple different professions and specialisms involved in practice, policy and research. New and challenging perspectives are encouraged, and submissions from those in academia, practice or policy internationally welcomed.


Priority themes for the special issue include:

  • the scale and nature of CSA and CSE – prevalence and incidence, including how to improve knowledge about scale and nature
  • professional practice changes to better tackle perpetration of CSA and CSE
  • how professional practices can prioritise the voices and contribution of children, young people and survivors of CSA and CSE
  • approaches to understanding and/or addressing adolescent perpetration of CSA and CSE and/or harmful sexual behaviours
  • approaches to measuring effectiveness of practice addressing CSA and CSE
  • professional practices improving support for children and young people, particularly those
    • with learning disabilities;
    • who are looked after children; and/or
    • who are other minorities at high risk of abuse and with specific needs.

 Contact the Guest Editors

If you would like to discuss a possible contribution, please contact one of the guest editors:

  • Dr Sophie Laws – Deputy Director, Research and Evaluation, Centre of Expertise on child sexual abuse, Barkingside, Essex, UK:
  • Dr Gregory Hall – Deputy Director, Knowledge and Practice Development, Centre of Expertise on child sexual abuse, Barkingside, Essex, UK:

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