8th – 11th April 2018

University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

Registration categories and fees:

We are pleased to open bookings earlier than planned as many of you are able to utilize budget funds from 2016/2017 to secure your place.

Bookings are for the full event (lowest cost option) or on a daily basis for Sunday, Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.

The categories of booking are below.  Please follow the explanation for the relevant category.

You can read the terms and conditions associated with a Congress booking on our website.  Please ensure you are making your booking in the correct category.  You must provide any evidence required to support this as requested: failure to do this may result in us acting as our reserved right to invoice you the balance of a non-members rate which then will be payable to confirm your booking.


Category A*

–        Members
–        Small, not-for-profit organisation
Fees:       £457 (whole event); £188 (daily); £85 (Sunday)

Category A*

  • A member of BASPCAN at the time the booking is made and also when attending Congress (so, membership renewal for 2018 is mandatory). Please quote your membership number or if not known, give 0000 and National Office staff will locate this on your behalf.
  • ·A small, not-for-profit organisation (with an employed staff of less than 10 – please provide your Registered Charity Number. We can allocate only a maximum of 5 places per organisation.


Category B**

–        Non-members
Fees:      £587 (whole event); £219 (daily); £85 (Sunday)

Category C***

–        Full time students
–        Those from low-income countries
–        Those who are unwaged or with a low family income
Fees:      Early Bird = £207 (whole event); £65 (daily); £45 (Sunday)

Category C***

  •  Full time students- full time students will be asked subsequently by email to give details of their course, year of study and educational institution.  A declaration will be provided for verification by your course tutor.
  • Those from low-income countries – this refers to those listed by OECD as ‘Least Developed Countries’; ‘Other Low Income Countries’; and ‘Lower Middle Income Countries and Territories’.  Please find the list of countries here – the first three columns apply.
  • Those who are unwaged or with a low family income – weekly household income after tax <£284; annual household income after tax <£14,820.  This category is set to encourage those who would not otherwise be able to afford it to attend Congress. Those applying under this category will be required to make a signed statement to that effect.
  • Numbers are capped under this category so early booking is recommended.


Accommodation is  £102 per night:  this covers single ensuite standard bed and breakfast  in the Conference Park and two course evening dinner in Rootes restaurant. On Monday night, the evening meal will be the Congress Dinner and this is included in your fee.



A £15 charge is added to the cost as invoice admin charge.

Completion of this booking form is a binding agreement.