Branch activity

Events are held across the whole of Wales and have in the past, had excellent speakers attracting large numbers of attendees. The Branch works closely with local LSCB’s and CCSIW (Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales);

Seminars have recently been held at 4pm, in order to maximise attendance.


  • Twilight session ‘Historical Perspective’ was delivered in Swansea earlier this year
  • The branch have contacted colleagues in  North Wales with themes that could  be presented in the area
  • The branch are working  to develop a project working with vulnerable groups,  raising awareness and understanding of protective factors
  • The branch suggest a list of training sessions – please get in touch if one or more of these are of interest to those in your area
    • Traumatic Brian Injury – challenging and offending behaviour
    • Managing C&YP with harmful sexual behaviour in education
    • Cognitive Neuroscience – the developing brain
    • ASD and challenging behaviour
    • Adolescents, Angst and Anguish
    • Developing protective Factors


Branch Committee

Chairperson: Daphne Rose
Committee: Martin Price and Lisa Hedley
Branch Nominee:

History of the Branch

The All Wales branch was established in 2010 with an inaugural event in Wrexham entitled ‘Working with Vulnerable Teenagers: Addressing Substance Misuse, Self Harm and Suicide’.

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